Celebrating our Urban Wildness: Coyotes to Quail in San Francisco


    It is exciting to see all this wildness -- right here in the middle of a major city! It is the seeming contradiction of “urban” and “wild” that is so thrilling -- this is what enticed me into photography. I begin with the recently returned coyotes and include any wild animals I encountered which could be captured with my camera.

    All of the photos, except one, were taken by me on my daily walks within the 49 square miles of the city of San Francisco during the second half of 2008. The one exception, the whales, were taken from a catamaran at the Farallons: the Farallons are officially part of the city of San Francisco, which provides an interesting twist. Plenty of people have seen whales right from Ocean Beach, but I have not -- not yet. With just a little awareness, we all can spot some of these animals now and then -- sightings which could become the centerpiece of your day!    Janet Kessler

    MY MESSAGE HAS THREE POINTS: Enjoy our wildlife -- these are our neighbors!

Keep wildlife wild, by respecting it at a distance -- please don’t feed the animals.

Report injured animals to Animal Care & Control -- helping an injured animal could prevent a possible problem from developing, for us and for the animal.

An Exhibit at the San Francisco Main Library

5th floor, Stegner Environmental Center

January 24 - May 28, 2009


Closed on July 1, 2010