I decided to add some photos of the environment which houses our urban wildlife. It will include majestic trees and scenery, and also show some of the negative impacts imposed by people.


Habitat is Where Our Urban Wild Animals Live: In our Parks.

Our prime wildlife habitat area is our urban parks. Unfortunately San Francisco Recreation and Park Department is pursuing the antiquated “nativist” trend. Academic groups throughout the country do not support returning entire areas to a pre-existing state. For one thing, it is not possible. For another, it is bad for the environment: a huge number of trees are being removed, there is increased use of pesticides, trails are being closed. This is all costly and there is no majority consensus in support of the program. It is impinging on the animals that live here now. The program in San Francisco is called, the “Natural Areas Program”, or NAP -- but there is little “natural” about it since the areas being worked on, mostly as habitat for bugs, use pesticides and need constant maintenance by humans: they are more “native botanical gardens”.  They have deceived the public in order to sell their program. This video shows what is going on in our parks:  http://youtu.be/DgvzrXlc-wg