Myca of Twin Peaks


        Myca of Twin Peaks was/is an Exhibit based on a little book I wrote and self-published to increase awareness of our recently arrived coyotes in the city here of San Francisco. Two coyotes in our Golden Gate Park had been unnecessarily killed in June 2007 -- creating an outrage from the public. My book was part of this outrage -- small independent bookstores in SF have copies.

        The book was invited to be made into an exhibit at the Seed Gallery for Photography at the Thoreau Center for Sustainability in the Presidio (the largest urban national park in the country overlooking Golden Gate Bridge)  from March 20 - May 16, 2008 -- the exhibit was extended twice, through May 30th and then through June 10.  These photos are now on display at the Randall Museum in San Francisco as part of their “Wild in the City” exhibit: beginning September 2008 and still running as of March 2011. These are my first coyote photos, and the beginning of my wildlife photography. They were all taken with a point and shoot camera, often in the fog and always at dawn.