Caught on Camera: Presidio Coyotes Without People,  by Elizabeth Rogers, with mention of Janet Kessler’s observations, in Bay Nature, April 8, 2019:

Display of selected images from “Beyond the Howl” exhibit of less-seen coyote family behaviors at the Josephine Randall Junior Museum in San Francisco, February 2019 (six months)

An Invitation to Speak: “Janet Kessler: Coyotes in San Francisco”, Thursday, December 6th at 5:30 at Pauline’s Pizza at 260 Valencia Street in San Francisco.

An Invitation to Speak: “Janet Kessler: Zooming-in on Coyotes for the Lindsay Wildlife Center Volunteers”, Monday, October 1, 2018 at the Lindsay Wildlife Center in Walnut Creek.

An Invitation to Speak: “Janet Kessler: Zooming-in on Coyotes”, Environmental Political Theory Workshop at the Western Political Science Association annual meeting, Wednesday March 28th, 2018 at the Hyatt Embarcadero.

An Exhibit: Coyotes: “Beyond The Howl”, a photo and informational exhibit at the Sausalito Public Library, January 28 to March 10, 2018.

Bernal Coyote Hit by a Car But Recovers Quickly, Published in Bernalwood Blog (by request) on April 28, 2017

Bernal Coyote Scared but Safe After Close Call With Dog,

Published on Bernalwood Blog (by request), April 3, 2017

Citizen Coyote: Let's Get To Know Them: An Introduction

Self-published on YouTube, Jan 16, 2017

Description: An introduction to urban coyotes based on my observations and using my observation photos. This video is well suited for classrooms.

Also available in Spanish, Ciudadanos Coyotes (

The Bernal Coyote is a Female and Human *Kindness* Could Kill Her,

Published on Bernalwood Blog, November 29, 2016

Sharing Bernal Hill With Our Coyote: A User's Guide

Published on Bernalwood Blog, April 27, 2016

This article is about coyote behaviors which have been misinterpreted and caused fear -- have been discussed on social media recently without much comprehension of what is actually going on — this article is to explain behavior and offer guidelines for coexistence.

How to Get Along With Coyotes As Pups Venture Out, Bay Nature, August 6, 2015

How to avoid coyote encounters during the end of pupping season if you have a dog, and what steps to take if one comes too close.

During Pup Season, Coyote Whisperer Warns of Canine Encounters, Bernalwood Blog, August 31, 2015

Managing Urban Coyotes, Save Sutro Forest Blog, November 21, 2014

description: How to get along with our urban coyotes

What to do if you encounter a coyote, Wildcare Magazine, August, 2014

Inside A Coyote Family, Wildcare Magazine, August 2014

description: Coyotes are social and have intense family lives: a photo and text essay.

Photo Essay: Coyotes Raising Kids in San Francisco, Bay Nature, October 16, 2013

description: Coyotes are social animals with intense nuclear family lives. Here are some photos depicting some of their "raising the kids in the city" behaviors.

Coyotes As Neighbors: Focus On Facts, Youtube June 2013 (also in Spanish and Mandarin)

description: I created, photographed, wrote, and assembled this video, based almost entirely on my own field research except the last section on "killing coyotes".

English:; Spanish:; Mandarin:

How To Shoo Off A Coyote, Youtube video, June 2013

A shortened version of the “Coyotes As Neighbors” video.

How To Handle A Coyote Encounter: A Primer

description: What coyote behaviors to expect if you encounter one, and how to handle the situation. A self-published pamphlet for free distribution, first published January 2013

Poisoning to Create a "Natural Area”, Marina Times, April 2011

description: Poisons are being used in our public parks without folks knowing about it to create a so-called "natural area". People need to be made aware of this contradiction. What is being created is not a "natural area", but little native gardens which need constant maintenance, poisons, and killing of many of the plants that keep our parks green and beautiful.

A Wildlife Photographer Shares Twilight Adventure In Golden Gate Park, Golden Gate Park: Views From The Thicket (a Blog about SF Golden Gate Park) February 27, 2011

Urban Coyotes Have Lives, WildCare: Live Well With Wildlife, Feb 2011

Wildlife in Focus: Coyote, My Time at Stone Creek Golf Club

publication dateJan 20, 2011

Coyote Behavior and Peaceful Coexistence, Marina Times, December 2010

description: A brief introduction of coyote urban behaviors,

[also published in two other publications:“Coyote Behavior and Peaceful Coexistence with Humans and Dogs”, Pacific Riptide, November 24, 2010,, SFGate, December 27, 2010,]

Celebrating Our Urban Wildness: Coyotes to Quail

description: An exhibit of 60 of my large-format photos of the wildlife found right here in San Francisco. This exhibit was supposed to run for four months, but ran for a full year longer.

at the Wallace Stegner Environmental Center at the San Francisco Library, Main Branch

January 2009 to July 2010

Myca of Twin Peaks, a one person photo exhibit, Seed Gallery for Photography at the Thoreau Center for Sustainability in the Presidio, March 20 to May 16, 2008, then extended to June 10. These photos then moved to the Randall Museum in San Francisco as part o their “Wild in the City” exhibit, and remained up 6 years until the Randall Museum closed for renovations in 2016.

Myca of Twin Peaks, self-published and sold 600 copies at cost, September 2007

description: A home made booklet with photos about an encounter with one of our San Francisco coyotes on Twin Peaks


My Coyote on Twin Peaks, Noe Valley Voice, September 2007 [with photo:] NVV announced the Presidio exhibit:; NVV announces the publication of the booklet:

Flyers and Signs for free downloading:

Coyote Facts and Fiction, for free distribution, published 2012,

The Truth About Coyote Conflicts, for free distribution, published 2012

La Verdad Acerca de lost conflictos con coyotes

Coexistence with Dogs, published 2011

Como Espantar a un Coyote Para Que Se Vaya, 2012

Guidelines for Coexisting with Coyotes

Guía Para Coexistir con coyotes urbanos

Guidelines for Coexistence in Chinese

Coyote Advisory Signs:


Spanish and Mandarin:


Participation Request in short Documentary by RedRidgeProductions 2017-2019 in the works

The woman who follows urban coyotes, by Vivian Ho, The Guardian, February 26, 2019:

Neighbors in the Night, by Vanitha Sankaran, Pacifica Magazine, November 2018.

San Francisco’s Urban Coyotes Have A Friend in Local “Coyote Lady”, by Katherine Seligman, Sacramento Bee, July 16, 2017:

Video: San Francisco Coyote Plays Fetch With Herself, by Graph Masara, SFGate, February 21, 2017:

How To Coexist With Wild Coyotes, From SF’s Own “Coyote Whisperer”, by Alisa Scerrato

Hoodline, February 20, 2017

Description: Information to allay fears, and guidance for coexisting with urban coyotes here in San Francisco.

Bernal Hill’s coyote is in danger because people keep feeding it, by Katie Dowd, SFGate, November 30, 2016

ABC News, 12/1/2016: and

The Coyote Whisperer, by Shelby Carpenter, Pacific Standard Magazine, March 22, 2016

Coyote Town: Leave SF Coyotes Alone, by Julia Carrie Wong, SF Weekly, Sept 9, 2015

Janet Kessler, The Urban Coyote Watcher, by Leath Tonino, High Country News, May 25, 2015

Woman on a First Name Basis with SF Coyotes, by Joel Engardio, SF Examiner, June 8, 2014

Columbia National Wildlife Refuge in Washington used my photos for their “coyotes” and “multimedia” sections of their brand new website in March, 2014:

Urban Coyotes Mate For Life, BioNews Science Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, NYC, November, 2012 [a photo of Janet’s is included];

Connecting with Janet Kessler, “Coyote Lady”, Interview by Courtney Quirin, Bay Nature Connections, November 4, 2012

Keeping Peace With Urban Coyotes, by Courtney Quirin, Bay Nature, November 7, 2012 [Janet Kessler’s photos]

Urban Coyotes in our Midst, by Courtney Quirin, Bay Nature, September 4, 2012 [Janet Kessler’s photos]

Taking Walks on the Wild Side, by Susan Sward, NYT, March 14, 2010:


“SF Residents Learn To Coexist With Urban Coyotes”, by Robin Hindery, AP (published in over 800 news outlets), March 11, 2011

with photo by Jeff Chiu.

“It’s A Good Time Of Year To Spot Urban Wildlife,” by Victoria Schlesinger in Way Out West News, June 6, 2011 [the old link, below, no longer functions :((]

Wildlife in San Francisco (published in WOW or Way Out West, which is no longer in operation). The founder and owner of this journal moved on to Bay Nature:

Panel at Palace of Fine Arts Lagoon, SF, with photos by Janet Kessler, the public opening was on January 14, 2011


Conversation and Q&A at SF Botanical Gardens With Children’s Garden Interns, July 17, 2017

I serve as a partner or advisor to Coyote Watch Canada.

A founder and director of and blog

Helped set up presentations in Atlanta in 2013

Coyoteyipps Blog: research and behavior documentation of coyotes

Some of my photos on Instagram:

Everyday in the parks educating folks by speaking with them, answering questions, putting up signs where needed, and documenting coyote behavior: Glen Canyon, Bernal Heights, Pine Lake at Stern Grove, McLaren, Lake Merced, Buena Vista Park, Corona Heights, Golden Gate Heights, and distributing *packets* of information to various neighborhoods: over 5,000 so far in 2018 alone.

Bernal Heights daily appearances to remove food and educate people on not feeding or befriending.

Publishing flyers which were packaged for free distribution on doorknobs in different neighborhoods in San Francisco or handed to people. I began with 4000 and am up to 6000 now.

A founder and director of (also served as secretary for 3 years)

Harpist at Noe Valley Plucked String Orchestra for 3 years (avocation)

Editorial Assistant at US News and World Report 1986-1989, SF Bureau

Office Manager at Vorpal Gallery 1977-1979.

University of Texas, Austin, BA and MA

Photo by Judith Romero ©2009